Why choose Harlequin?

Harlequin pride themselves on providing individual care to the children and will purchase equipment geared towards a child’s specific needs, such as difficulties with reading, a special talent for art or an interest in cooking, as well as helping to nurture children who find mixed age groups difficult to handle. Likewise, if a child is too tired to join in there is a quiet area where they can go and relax.

Each child at Harlequin has a 'key person', a nominated member of staff who will have special responsibility for your child. They will be responsible for meeting the needs of their key children and communicate regularly with parents.

Unique and Flexible

  • Harlequin offer flexible cover for shift workers like nurses and policeman, and are happy to accommodate children at short notice.
  • Club hours are 7.30 am to 6.30 pm.  Flexible, adhoc and short-notice bookings are accepted (subject to availability).
  • Activities provided for the children at Harlequin clubs are unique and challenging, for example, rock climbing, canoeing, theatre trips, bowling and horse riding!


  • Children don’t have to wait at school for a round robin pick up as they are taken from school straight to the club.
  • Unlike some clubs where parents have to book and pay for a whole term in advance, Harlequin request just four weeks advance payment.
  • The club settings are close to local schools, minimising travel time and disruption for children.
  • Where feasible, the collection and drop off process is just the same as the school process for parents, Harlequin children do not need to be treated differently.
  • Regular staff collect from school so children and staff know them well.
  • Harlequin has a close relationship with the host and local schools.


  • Harlequin have invested in safety. The clubs are equipped with modern controlled door entry and all children are signed in and signed out when collected by a parent or named carer.
  • Harlequin children are transported in a modern minibus with factory fitted adjustable seat belts designed for children (used mainly at Coxheath setting plus Holiday Club)
  • Strict policies ensure children are collected by regular staff who they and the school know.

Harlequin are passionate about good childcare.

We strive to provide quality care in a happy, safe, fun and supportive environment for all the children and parents at the club.

We work hard to ensure that our childcare is of a high standard. Through attending regular CPD training courses we can ensure that the knowledge and skills of our staff is current. As this training is based on research we know that the level of our childcare is second to none.

Harlequin also hosts training sessions in the club at Coxheath for other childcare providers.


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