Key Workers

The standard from Ofsted is that just children in Reception class need a key worker but we feel that all our children deserve the best !

Harlequin have used the key worker system for 4 years – long before Ofsted made it compulsory for 0 -4 year olds.

A key worker is a member of staff who has a small group of named key children. The play worker is then responsible for that child's records, observations, activity planning, progress, behaviour management, communication with parents/carers and any problems that may arise.

The key worker will have perhaps 6 key children to particularly focus on rather than 20 – 30 children.

The children should all know who their key worker is and that this member of staff is their “special”  staff member. The children all know that they can go to any member of staff that they want to but that their key worker is their special person.  A list of key children and their key workers is on display in each club.

Competitions within each club have been started between each key group. The children can earn stickers for various deeds and the key group with the most stickers gets a prize at the end of term. The competition is very fierce!

Each key worker will regularly write an observation on each of their key children. The aim of this is for the staff to totally focus on a child for a short time and to identify how we can develop that child or move them on. Observations can identify a physical need such as needing glasses or poor gross motor skills. This then enables us to inform parents of our concerns or we can practice gross motor skills with that child. Equally, if a child is good at something or has a special interest, we will pick that up and then look at how we can develop or encourage that skill or interest. It’s all about moving the child on in a fun, non confrontational way.

Harlequin Ofsted reports

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In February 2013 we were inspected and awarded "outstanding" in every category.
Click the link to read the report: registration number EY333465

Tunbridge Wells

In February 2015 we were inspected as a new setting at our new purpose built clubhouse in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells. In May 2016 we were inspected, and judged 'Good' in every category.

Click the link to read the report: registration number EY486142

West Borough

WBS was inspected in November 2014 as a new setting.

Click the link to see conditions of registration: Ofsted Registration EY484111

Forest Pre-School

The Tunbridge Wells Forest Pre-School was registered in July 2016 as a new setting. In November 2018, we were inspected as a new setting, and judged 'Good' in every category.

Click the link to read the report : Ofsted Registration EY501163


Staplehurst was registered in June 2018 as a new setting.

Click the link to see the conditions of registration: Ofsted Registration EY561059

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Coxheath Ofsted report
TA Ofsted report

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