Monthly Payment of fees

Never worry about remembering to pay again.

Harlequin would like to encourage customers to make regular standing order payments.  Please let me know if you want to do this, and I will adjust your account accordingly and will let you know what you regular monthly payment should be.

How it works
There are 39 weeks of school term in an academic year.  In order to budget and pay a fixed amount each month, take your average weekly fee and multiply by 3.5 to arrive at the monthly amount.  Some months this will be more than the actual fee due, others less.  Across the year we should balance out.  If balances get ahead or behind, you can top up or have a payment holiday as necessary through the year. 

Knowing your balance
I will provide a monthly account - like the invoices currently.  This will outline how much in credit or not you are each month.  You will be able to check dates booked and see your balance, and so on. 

Starting the scheme
So long as all outstanding fees are paid and we hold the correct retainer relative the sessions your child attends, we can start this immediately.  All I ask from you is a regular payment and a top up if you get more than the equivalent of a week behind.

What date to pay
Please make payments so they clear before the 1st of each month.  this enables me to take them into account when producing the status report at the start of each month.  A date between 20th and 25th shoudl be ideal.

Why we are doing it
Many of you have asked for this, and I hope it enables you to budget better – you can set up a regular standing order and know we won’t be chasing you for unpaid fees.  It will be better for us as a lot of time is spent chasing unpaid invoices.

Adhoc changes and holiday club
As at present if you make extra bookings and holiday club, we’d like you to pay for these at the time of booking, or if you have a credit balance, let me know that’s how you’d like it paid.

If you want to estimate your holiday club usage and spread that monthly across the year, please do so, just let me know.

Please let me know if you think this will work for you.

Other ways to pay
Other ways to pay include by childcare vouchers, cheque, one-off bacs transfer or cash.  Unfortunately we are unable (by law) to offer a direct debit service.

Harlequin Ofsted reports

to view the reports click on the links below


In February 2013 we were inspected and awarded "outstanding" in every category.
Click the link to read the report: registration number EY333465

Tunbridge Wells

In February 2015 we were inspected as a new setting at our new purpose built clubhouse in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells. In May 2016 we were inspected, and judged 'Good' in every category.

Click the link to read the report: registration number EY486142

West Borough

WBS was inspected in November 2014 as a new setting.

Click the link to see conditions of registration: Ofsted Registration EY484111

Forest Pre-School

The Tunbridge Wells Forest Pre-School was registered in July 2016 as a new setting. In November 2018, we were inspected as a new setting, and judged 'Good' in every category.

Click the link to read the report : Ofsted Registration EY501163


Staplehurst was registered in June 2018 as a new setting.

Click the link to see the conditions of registration: Ofsted Registration EY561059

Ofsted website

Coxheath Ofsted report
TA Ofsted report

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