Summer Savings!

This year we are offering parents some special discounts during our Summer holiday club.

 Save 10% per child if you book a minimum of 15 full days between 24th July and 4th September inclusive, saving you up to £75.00 per child!

Save £20.00 off one full day's fees for your child by introducing a new family to Harlequin who book at least one full day. 

Please see the terms and conditions of these offers below.

Terms and Conditions

15 sessions 10% Discount

  • This discount only applies to full days booked.
  • Extended sessions up to 6:30pm can be included.
  • When 15 or more sessions are booked, the 10% is applied on all sessions for the summer, including late additions.
  • Discount is based on 15 sessions per child, siblings cannot share the sessions.
  • Discount only applies to the normal club fees; they do not apply to the cost of outings etc. (we never make any profit on trips or outings).

Introduce a friend discount

  • The introduced child cannot be a child already registered or who has ever been registered at any Harlequin setting.
  • Siblings who are not already registered cannot be introduced for this offer.
  • All introduced children will need to register with Harlequin by contacting us on
  • Each child can introduce as many families as they like, but only the first 5 will enable the discount to be claimed.
  • Discount is only against one full day’s attendance per introduced child.  No cash alternative or deferred credit is available.
  • Introduced children and introducing child do not necessarily need to attend on the same day.
  • Introduced child must pay for a minimum of one full day for the introducer to receive the 30% discount.
  • Discount will only be applied after introduced child has paid for their session in full.
  • Any child can be introduced to the club, regardless of what school they attend, as long as they are aged 4+. This includes children who start school in September.
  • Discount only applies to the normal club fees. They do not apply to the cost of outings etc. We never make any profit on trips or outings.
  • Places are subject to availability upon booking.

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