All Harlequin settings graded top for Food Safety

Over the past week each of our Harlequin settings have been inspected by the Food Standards Agency.  we are proud to say we scored the top mark of 5 in all settings.

The government Food and Safety Team assess all companies who provide food for customers. During the assessment they looked at where food is prepared and served, the people involved in the preparation of food, and management and control of food and procedures including record keeping.

In all areas of the assessment no causes for concern were raised.

Harlequin have procedures for ensuring safety of food during storage and preparation, all our staff have level 2 food safety qualifications, and our hygiene practices are robust.  We log all issues or "what went wrongs" relating to food and appropriate action is taken to ensure no food is provided that could cause a health risk to the children.

In addition, we care for children with various special dietary requirements and the storage and preparation of these ensures no cross contamination.  As far as possible we try to provide inclusive options so children with special dietary requirements eat the same as the other children.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare Vouchers

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