We have redeveloped the garden space

making it suitable all year

The Coxheath club has a fenced off garden that was a total mud bath all year round with dry dusty mud in the summer and wet sticky mud at the first sign of any rain. It really became unusable for most of the year. Not anymore!

In July 2016 we were all delighted and relieved to have the back garden at Coxheath artificially turfed. The big tree was removed and this has created an enormous outside play space for the children. The children love to take their shoes off to play outside on the new surface. For the first week, we had lots of “grass angels” and children lounging horizontally on the grass! So, all in all, it has already been a huge success for the children. The children are more encouraged to take activities outside – chess, cards, lego – which we encourage. The children truly experience free flow play. The two raised garden beds will allow the children to grow their choice of food or plants. We also have a designated fire pit area with seating around the edge . Toasting marshmallows has never been so easy! The new climbing and activity frame has already given hours of fun to the children. It has sparked some really imaginative games.  The investment was huge for Harlequin but we are so pleased with the multitude of activities, games and fun it has given in the few weeks since it’s completion. It has been worth every single penny.

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Childcare Vouchers

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