Dream Car Competition

At Harlequin we are always looking for new and different activities for your child to do whilst in Harlequin.

We also want to encourage community links, as well as provide the children with an activity that will develop their creative & imaginative thought, as well as a fun art work activity.

We are inviting the children to participate in a drawing competition whilst at Harlequin, to support a local car dealership.

Toyota are running a ‘Dream Car Competition’, where children under the age of 15 can design their dream car to share ideas about the future of mobility.

This is a national as well as worldwide competition, and has 3 age categories for the children to enter. This is running until January 2019.

We have all the resources to enter the competition in the club.

The children will be creating their designs and drawings within Harlequin until the beginning of January.

The drawings need to be submitted by 21st January 2019, but this will become the responsibility of the parent/carer through completion of a submission form, as we cannot enter for your child due to personal data and GDPR restrictions.

Please click here for a link to the Toyota website, so that you can see more information, as well as some of the entries from previous years.


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