After school club

end of the school day until 6.30

A typical day:

Children are collected from their school by regular Harlequin staff members and they are escorted to the club setting either on foot or by car.

Once the children arrive at the club they wash their hands ready to have their snack, which is prepared on site. 

Two children are assigned as tea helpers each day. They clean the tables, help to put out cups and cutlery, and assist to serve the food.

Once children have finished eating they are excused from the table. The tea helpers assist the member of staff with the tidying up then they join the rest of the children in free play.

Free play can involve completing homework, playing with the various toys, doing a craft, time outside playing group games, playing with the various outdoor toys and equipment, tree climbing, a nature walk or just sitting and relaxing. The children decide what they want to do...... after all it is their after school club!!


To book a place at after school club, see our documentation section.


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