Breakfast club

07:15am until school starts

Available at Coxheath & Tunbridge Wells Only

A typical day:

Children are dropped off by parents or carers and signed in.

They are offered breakfast of toast with a selection of spreads or a variety of cereals with a milk or juice drink.  All children sit together at the breakfast table, and children join in as they arrive.  We encourage them to choose for themselves, and to prepare their own breakfast.

Once they have finished, they are excused, and put their cups, plates and bowls in the washup area, and have a hand and face wipe. 

The rest of the session is free play.  We have lots of toys that the children can help themselves to - and to clear up.  This time is spent in child lead play, with staff joining in when invited and when possible.

At the appropriate time, children are taken to school in the same way that a parent would; either escorted directly to their classroom and teacher, or make their own way to their class on the school site if approved by parents.

Children attending breakfast club will walk to their school where possible, but some children are taken to school by car or minibus by a Harlequin member of staff.

To book a place at breakfast club, see our documentation section.

For more info about a day at the club, please give us a call.


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