Forest Club

Based at Tunbridge Wells & Coxheath

Tunbridge Wells

Salomon's Estate

Harlequin uses a private woodland within Salomon's Estate to deliver Forest Club and Forest Pre-School.

The site that extends to many acres, has a variety of trees and shrubs and evidence of wildlife including birds, foxes, rabbits, and even deer.  There is a small stream that leads down into a pond. 

The site gently undulates providing exciting adventure opportunities for the children, who can run, shout, build dens and climb the trees. The site includes a fixed location camp, where we can have fires and lead small group activities.

We use this site currently twice a week for forest pre-school, and at least once a week during the holiday club.


Boughton Woods

We have exclusive use of a forest area within Boughton Woods. It is very different from the forest in Tunbridge Wells in that it has totally different trees, plants and animals. It is also more over grown, which just leads to it’s magic for the children. We have visited the site several times with the children during the holiday clubs and the children have all found it to be great fun and full of adventure.

We will continue to use this forest site at least once every holiday club and will eventually be running after school club from there occasionally.


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