Holiday club

7:30am to 6:30pm daily through holidays and inset days

A typical day:

Children are dropped off and signed in by parents or carers.

If they haven't eaten breakfast they will be offered toast with a selection of spreads an/or a variety of cereals, plus a drink of juice, milk or water.

Once they have finished their breakfast children then play freely.

Around 10.30am children have a drink and a biscuit and then discuss what activities they might like to do next.

Throughout the day at the club staff will arrange various activities for the children to take part in such as a craft or a game. Depending on the weather they may go for a walk to the local park or just play outside with the various toys.

Every day we have one specific activity planned such as a craft, or baking, and the children can join in with the activity if they wish throughout the entire day.

Lunch is around midday and all children sit together with the staff and eat their packed lunches that they bring with them. After lunch children will then carry on with free play or take part in another activity.

Around 4pm children will have tea which is a snack similar to what is given at after school club. After tea some children may help with the washing up then resume free play or another activity initiated by the playworker.

Whenever possible we like to take the children out on various day trips or activities. In the past children have been climbing, horse riding, a trip to the cinema, kayaking, swimming, and to the theatre.

We feel that by doing some of the adventurous activities listed above children are able to develop new skills and learn from the experience. It is also refreshing and allows both staff and children to get out of the usual club space.


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