At Harlequin we try to consider the needs of the child and the parent first. Receiving feedback is especially wonderful and what other people say about us can paint a picture far broader than any policies and procedures ever will. These describe some of the situations where our parents have offered to share their experience with other parents and prospective customers. 

Please see below for some of the examples of what our customers had to say about us.


I just wanted to say a thank you for 6 lovely years. You and your team have shown us all such kindness andmy son has loved being at Harlequin. He’s had loads of fun and learnt lots of new skills. He’s also made some good friends. I’m really sad to be leaving.


Can I take this opportunity to say how very pleased I have been with the care given by Harlequin. It is truly a home from home – and the staff are all so kind, I always know my daughteris in the best hands. The only problem is that she never wants to leave! Thank you for taking the stress out of after school care.


My daughter always has a good time at Harlequin. She enjoys time with her friends and the staff there. We are thankful for the good quality of care and enthusiasm of the staff that gave my daughter many days of happiness and good memories to carry to her new school. Thank you so much!


Thank you to you, and all of your staff for offering such a wonderful afterschool club. My son loves it. We all really appreciate what you offer the children. Have an enjoyable half-term, I guess you will be very busy, but I hope that you have some rest.



Thank you so much everyone for all your hard work and happy times over the past few years. My son really enjoys seeing you all and has had some really great experiences. We will still use you for holiday club over the next year, so hopefully this is not a good-bye! Thanks again, you are all brilliant!


When I picked my son up, Harlequin were in the middle of a game. Val told me she’d made this game up. She said she’d been inspired by musical bumps. As my son was involved I waited and watched for a short time.

 Participants sit/stand in a circle and pass a ball, while music is playing. In the centre of the circle is a bag full of dressing up (i.e. shoes, clothes, accessories). When the music is stopped the participant holding the ball takes an item from the bag and puts it on.

 I work in a Year 6 mainstream class. They’re currently off timetable and I was struggling to think of activities to keep them engaged. I took this game to work. I have named it ‘Harlequin’ as that’s where I learned it. My class absolutely love it. We’ve played it twice this week! I wasn’t sure how the 11 year old boys would respond but they were as engaged as the girls - if not more so!


I just thought I would let you know how much my son has enjoyed both bowling and forest school and the holiday club generally. He has come home every day absolutely exhausted but full of everything he did during his very busy and fun days.

 Thank you for providing such a great holiday club. I always go off to work happy in the knowledge that my son is safe and in very good hands, oh and jealous of all the fun you are going to have!


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