The harlequin ethos

Owner/manager, Alison, wants the club to have a family atmosphere and to be informal, a place where staff feel like favourite aunties rather than ‘carers’ and children are on first name terms with the staff.  Parents are invited to drop in for visits and join in with the club’s various activities.  They are always welcome for afternoon tea at 4 o’clock, which is prepared by a staff member and different child helpers each day. 

Alison encourages parents to approach her if there’s a service they need that the club currently does not provide, and she is available to speak to parents by phone in the evenings and at weekends at a mutually convenient time.  Regular open days and parents’ days take place and taster sessions are offered to any parent considering sending their child to one of the clubs.  Parents and prospective parents are encouraged to check club records and procedures.

Harlequin pride themselves on providing individual care to the children and will purchase equipment geared towards a child’s specific needs, such as difficulties with reading, special talent for art or an interest in cooking, as well as helping to nurture children who find mixed age groups difficult to handle.  Likewise, if a child is too tired to join in there is a quiet area where they can go and relax.

Regular surveys with parents and children help Harlequin to keep abreast of needs and obtain feedback on any changes.  This goes beyond satisfying any necessary legislation.

Above all, Harlequin tries to be as unlike a school environment as possible, but was set up to be something much more than just a babysitting service.  Huge emphasis is placed on the children having the maximum amount of fun whilst developing life skills and being able to reflect on their behaviour at the same time.


Harlequin Out Of School Club aims:

  • To fulfil the social, physical, intellectual, emotional and language needs of the children in our local community by providing out-of-school care and education from primary aged children.
  • To meet the child's individual needs within the group setting, giving opportunities to talk and be listened to.
  • To provide a full and varied curriculum.
  • To promote a working partnership between the child's carers, the Club and other agencies.
  • To provide equal opportunities for all children and their families within the local community.
  • To encourage all aspects of each child's development through play and education, both child initiated and adult initiated.

Harlequin Out Of School Club staff and management will achieve these aims by:

  • Providing quality care in a happy, safe, fun and educational environment for all the children and staff at the club.
  • Promoting a caring ethos in the children between each other and with the adults in the club.
  • Enhancing tolerance and understanding at all levels, i.e. ages and gender.
  • Developing the social and personal skills of the children, maximising each child’s potential.
  • Supporting working parents in our community by providing a facility of high standard
  • Employing staff who are
      Trained to a high standard
      Committed to excellence
  • Striving to be the out of school provider of choice.
  • Remaining a going concern year on year.
  • Fostering relations such that the host school welcomes and champions the club.
  • Maintain effective working relationships with all agencies involved in a child’s life in order to benefit the child.



We have always found that at Harlequin, the children are at the centre of everything they do and plan to do. A lot of hard work, activity and planning goes on behind the scenes that parents just don’t see.

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