When it snows...

Please keep an eye here to see what we are doing

General Harlequin weather policy:

  • If possible, we will always remain open during the snowy weather
  • Parents must contact the club before 2pm if their children are not attending a booked after school session
  • We will offer a holiday club at the Coxheath club, if schools are closed.  Children from all clubs are welcome if they can get there. Parents need to contact us as early as possible in the day, preferably by phone (number above).  If attending an impromptu holiday club, normal holiday club fees apply (with credits for any session already booked and paid for on that day).  Please also ensure children have lots of warm clothes, as we will probably take them outside if we can
  • At the Tunbridge Wells club we cannot collect children earlier than the normal school finish time
  • Pls do collect children from asc as soon as you can. The weather and traffic have a nasty habit of turning nasty very quickly, and we have homes to get to as well!

All fees are charged as if the sessions run as normal, unless we are unable to open and have to cancel the session, in which case credits for next month will be offered.

Not just what's on in the future........

.......what we did too

As well as providing information about what is coming up, this space includes reviews and pictures from the events and activities after they have happened.

Make sure you return and have a look at what the children got up to!!!!

Click the calendar to see what's happening on certain days - especially in holiday clubs

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