We provide superior and affordable childcare

We provide superior and affordable childcare

Welcome to Harlequin

We are a small childcare company with a passion for providing really good childcare; and environment where children feel included, happy and supported whatever their age or ability.  We believe, because it was true for us, that parents can only really settle when they know that their child is happy and safe.  When the children look forward to coming to harlequin, then the parents can be effective in their daily lives.

Harlequin provide superior and affordable childcare for children aged 2 – 12 years old in pre-school, breakfast, after school and holiday clubs based in mid and west Kent. The clubs are open 7.15am – 6.30pm every weekday except bank holidays.

Pre-school runs from 8:45am to 3pm during term time (funded sessions available). Plus the pre-school children can attend breakfast after school session.

We provide forest school for home educated children giving them experiences and skills, plus social interaction that they otherwise miss out by not being in conventional schooling.

Harlequin’s unique approach fulfils the social, physical and emotional needs of each child as an individual by providing quality care in a happy, safe and fun environment for all children and staff.


We opened up our second pre-school in January 2024 in Coxheath. It is being overlooked by the same management that achieved ‘Outstanding’ from Ofsted in July 2023 at our Tunbridge Wells based pre-school.

Our Settings

Forms for new and existing customers

New customers:

Please use the buttons below to book a visit, register your child and to book regular sessions in our breakfast and after school clubs.

Existing customers:

Please use the “book or cancel a session” button to do just that.  If you want to change your regular sessions, please complete a new “breakfast and after school booking form” to inform us of your new requirement.

Each form opens in a new tab.  Please ensure you complete the form completely until you receive the “thank you” message after submission, as partly completed forms are not saved or forwarded to us.  Completed forms are delivered to us automatically, and you will receive an acknowledgement of your request usually within a day or so.

At Harlequin we always have new and exciting job oppertunities available for those who are trained and untrained, with or without experience in childcare. We have forest school jobs, playorker jobs, cleaner jobs, personal assistant jobs and more. Please fill out the form above strating the position you would be interested in. Harlequin can offer full or part-time work all year round. 

We have an incrediblyu talented group of people working with us at Harlequin and re always looking for new members to our little work family.

Take a virtual tour of our Tunbridge Wells setting

Click on the image and use your curser to move through each of our massive rooms.  You will be amazed by the size of the building and the resourses available...

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There is lots of news and content about the activites we have done and what is planned on our facebook page – and lots of pictures of the us and the children having fun in the clubs and pre-school. Please take a look,  like and share.

Our Range of Childcare

Past News

New year

Happy new year!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year. We look forward to seeing you all throughout the upcoming year.

We hope you have a fantastic 2024!

Have you liked our facebook pages?

There is lots of news and content about the activites we have done and what is planned on our facebook page – and lots of pictures of the us and the children having fun in the clubs and pre-school. Please take a look,  like and share.

What Our Parents Say

Thank you Harlequin team, for taking care of our twins this past 3 days. They have enjoyed every moment and very much look forward to joining you again in April.

Thanks for also being so considerate of mine and Tony's concerns.

Have a great rest of week snd hopefully we will see you soon.

Deborah 👍🏻

I had thought that my daughter would get bored at the same holiday club but this has not been the case (3rd year she has attended during holidays and half terms).  She absolutely loves it.  And as a parent I'm confident she is safe and happy.  The staff are kind but strict in perfect balance.  Everything Harlequin do (trips, snacks, activities) are well thought out and planned and you can tell they are very experienced at what they do.


I just wanted to say a thank you for 6 lovely years. You and your team have shown us all such kindness and my son has loved being at Harlequin. He’s had loads of fun and learnt lots of new skills. He’s also made some good friends. I’m really sad to be leaving.


Message for the Ofsted inspector: I just wanted to send an email to let you know how wonderful Harlequins is and how highly it is valued by parents. My children are warmly welcomed every morning and have breakfast. Even when we are running a little late they are always provided whatever they would like to eat. I am always confident the children will be well cared for and occupied with fun and interesting tasks and activities throughout the day. I think it says a lot about the club that my children can spend over 8 hours there and still want more time to play and finish projects when I arrive to collect them.

The activities are always well thought out and age appropriate for the children and take their interests into account. I am so happy they get to engage daily in tasks that develop fine motor and gross motor skills as well as the social learning that comes with engaging in play and turn taking. I think without the club I would not believe it possible for my son to happily spend that much time away from a screen (TV or tablet). The children are all aware of the need to be kind to each other and to obey the rules of the club. They have wonderful space in which to play both inside and out. The staff work hard to engage them in play and manage any differences that the children may have throughout the day. I get good feedback from staff about my children when I get to the club. Lauren and Charlie are happy to tell me what they get up to on their days at the club. My daughter had a toileting accident last week and I was so impressed how the staff tried to ensure she kept her dignity and she did not feel at all embarrassed in front of other children.

Harlequins also provided with an evening snack which I feel really shows the clubs understanding of children and how a packed lunch will not always suffice until dinner in the evening. It means I never collect hungry and grumpy children.

The Harlequins outings are also so well planned and managed. A list and reminders are sent to parents of exactly what they need to pack and provide to ensure the trip goes smoothly. This is so useful as it can be really difficult to ensure everyone has everything they need. The children’s safety is paramount on these days and it is reassuring as a parent to know this.

I am sure Ofsted will see what all the parents do on her visit …That Harlequins is the best! I always highly recommend it to anyone looking for childcare.


Just home from work and my son is full of beans about another great day of forest school, his first question was if he could go again next week. 🙂 he's had a fab time. Thank you for the effort you are going to, it's such a positive thing in his week to be round other kids.


Can I take this opportunity to say how very pleased I have been with the care given by Harlequin. It is truly a home from home – and the staff are all so kind, I have always known my daughter is in the best hands. The only problem is that she never wants to leave! Thank you for taking the stress out of after school care.


For anyone requiring childcare come September I would thoroughly recommend Harlequins at Coxheath as such superior care is given to each and every child. The staff are excellent at their jobs, but they are not just jobs to them, they really care about the children and look to help and development each and every quality the child has. They help with school work, and education through play providing my son with the values to become a well rounded boy. There have been several instances when he was younger when he didn't want to come home as he was having so much fun! I hate the fact that I can't be with my son all the time but needs must and I just wouldn't have his going anywhere. Superior childcare, for a reasonable price and also advice and guidance on hand whenever you need it 24/7 which I've made use of several times. Thank you so much to Alison, Rob and their team I'm eternally grateful for the services and support you offer. 


Amazing childcare, great support. Teaches my child lots of new things. Great value for money. My son loves attending. Forest School is great too.


We are very proud of the way our son handled the change of school and child care over the past 2 terms and how he conducts himself. We always knew his character but his previous school and child care stifled his progress. We have been highly impressed with the care and growth he has been allowed during his hours with you and in particular Emma's professionalism and nurturing attitude allowing him the opportunity to express himself, develop responsibility and consistently keeping us up to date with how he is doing.


Parent Info Area


There is a large amount of documentation necessary to ensure the clubs remain well managed and our parents are informed of what we do, how to go about getting information from us, and so on.  This is required by Ofsted and to ensure the safeguarding of your children.

Ofsted require us to provide information about how you can make a complaint about the club, its practices, management or staff.  You’ll find all that here too.

Enough of complaints, maybe you’d like to tell us and other parents good things about the club, we’re happy to help there too!

In the parent information area..

you will find lots of up to date information including:

  • How to claim tax back on your childcare cost – Everyone must read this!
  • Using childcare vouchers and how to identify Harlequin to your voucgher company
  • Our fees!
  • Read our “OUTSTANDING” ofsted reports, thats outstanding in all areas at both settings.
  • Job opportunities at Harlequin
  • Our privacy notice
  • How to register and book
  • Our terms and conditions
  • Help and advice for bus or worried parents
  • and lots more…
  • even, how to raise a complaint